• Sarah Floris

    Sarah Floris

    A little bit of everything, focusing on data science and engineering.

  • Moon Walker

    Moon Walker

  • Ben O'Hanlon

    Ben O'Hanlon

    You can fork a code base, but you can’t fork a community.

  • dkb


  • Sarah Xu

    Sarah Xu

    Loves mission-driven startups and words that make people feel less alone. Student @ Duke

  • Blueprint


    A team of students dedicated to building beautiful software for nonprofits and bridging the gap between technology and social good. www.calblueprint.org

  • James Wang

    James Wang

    I’m a college student who is learning to write.

  • Amber Teng

    Amber Teng

    A writer, learner, and explorer, Angela Teng spends most of her time thinking about how interdisciplinary collaboration can galvanize innovations in technology.

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