The Joys of Floof!

Aaron Mayer
3 min readJun 4, 2020

I got a pomeranian last week!!!

She’s adorable! She weighs 600 grams (around 1.5 pounds) and is covered in sable floofy fur that makes her feel as soft as a teddy bear.

The resemblance is striking — so much so that breeders call this type of pom a “teddy bear” style.

All we do is point at her and squeal “YOU’RE CUTE! YOU’RE CUTE!!!”

It really stuck — so much so that we named her Cute!

Want to see some pictures? Of course you do!!!

Slippers for scale
She loves bottlecaps 😍
“I’m not cute — I’m ferocious!”
She sleeps on my jeans…
She even edits my blogs! 😂

I used to have a pet pomeranian named Teddy. Despite his name, he was a fox type rather than a teddy bear type, with a longer snout and pointier ears than Cute.

I loved that dog so dearly.

He too had a floofy sable coat, and he too was abominably adorable.

Want to see some pictures? Of course you do!!!

That tongue!
Chillin’ on the lawn in Maine
Bonus: my awkward long hair phase! c. 2008

I’ve always loved poms. When I was in sixth grade, I had my entire class sing a little pomeranian jingle I composed to my mom when she picked me up from school. My parents ultimately caved and added Teddy to our family, and he became the absolute darling of the neighborhood. I was 12 years old, and even though my parents would be separated a few months later, I still look back to that age with delight and joy.

People who own dogs are statistically healthier than those who don’t, and dog owners report higher levels of satisfaction with their lives compared to their petless peers. I proved no exception to the trend, and Teddy was the light of my life for 10 glorious years.

When his time came and he passed into doggy heaven — quickly and gently — I felt bereft and empty. It’s so strange how a creature so small could have such a large impact on me.

Now, with Cute in my life, I’m remembering the sheer hilarity of owning such a floofy little monster. She nips at our hands all the time, and she runs all over the house, pooping everywhere.

There aren’t so many shortcuts to happiness in life. Dancing is definitely one of them, so is ice cream, and I’d add dogs to the list too. Having a dog isn’t always carefree, but it’s certainly rewarding. Also, with Instagram and TikTok, it’s so easy to share our joy with the world (and maybe encourage others to get a pomeranian too)! You can follow our little pup on ig: @cutethepom